Impact durable Skateboard top with carbon fibre and graphic

Built to last,
Designed to perform

Durable, lightweight, and poppy skateboard decks.
Impact skateboard decks maintain their shape, pop, and feel much longer than standard decks.

Coming soon to your local skateshop.

impact skateboard in numbers

Our achievements compared to classic skateboards


Longer & Smoother


Chips & Water


More Durable


Bigger Pop
Consistent deck feeling and shape
Significant Abrasion Resistance
Classic skateboard feeling

innovative construction

Our construction consists of various materials, merged together with use of advanced technologies.

Impact decks core is made in vert-lam technology known from snowboards, and skis, to get the ultimate strength-weigth ratio.

Edges of our decks are made from Polyurethane which protects the deck from any impacts, and makes the deck close to impossible to chip.

Using this construction we can make our boards much stronger than regular decks without compromise in weight!

check our products

check our products

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