What’s New in the Impact Skateboard version 1.2?

Impact Skateboard Deck version 1.2 whats new

Hey skaters! We’re stoked to drop Version 1.2 of the Impact Skateboard Deck. After getting some solid feedback from you all and seeing the review on Braille Skateboarding’s YouTube channel, we’ve made some killer upgrades.

Feedback from Version 1

The conclusion: tail edges were the weak spot. We saw it in the Braille review. So, we hit the skate park, tried out different solutions, and skated hard to get it right.

Tougher Tail Edges

What’s New in Version 1.2? We beefed up the tail sides with harder wood. Now messing up the deck with those sideways slams won’t be easy. It’s tougher, stronger, and ready for more action. We’re pumped to see you test it yourself!

What’s Next for Impact?

We’re always looking to make things better. Here’s what we’re working on:

  1. Better looking Deck Tops: We’re tweaking the look of the deck’s top. Even though it gets covered with grip tape, we want it to look sick right out of the box.
  2. Wider Decks: You asked for wider decks, and we’re on it. We’ll have updates on those soon!

As always thanks for the support and feedback!

Stay tuned for more, and keep shredding!

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